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Phase 3

Woodberry Down Next Steps

Consultation on the next steps for the Woodberry Down development programme, Phase 3, is now underway.


  • The Woodberry Down estate was first built between 1948 and the late 1960s. In 2002, Hackney Council undertook an assessment of the estate, finding it was better to rebuild it given the repairs needed. This led to today’s regeneration scheme.
  • The development is underway to rebuild Woodberry Down delivering: thousands of new homes; 15 acres of open space; and flexible ground floor uses (shops, leisure, office and community).
  • The regeneration is over eight phases. Some phases of the development have already been completed. All eight phases are due for completion in 2035.
  • A masterplan guides the whole development, including things such as the amount of housing for each phase, housing mix, locations and size and shape of buildings. The masterplan was agreed in 2009 and revised in 2014, after consultation with residents.

Phase 3

  • In 2015, a planning application for Phase 3 was submitted by Berkeley Homes. This was based on proposals agreed by all partners in the regeneration and was approved by Hackney Council. However, there are problems with the affordability (‘financial viability’) of delivering Phase 3, which has led to a delay. The 2015 approval also did not provide all the homes anticipated in the 2014 masterplan.
  • The new proposal will add more homes than the 2014 masterplan. This proposal improves the financial ability and will allow residents of Phase 4 and Phase 5 to move into the new homes in Phase 3 between 2023 and 2024
  • You can give your feedback on the Berkeley Homes new proposal for Phase 3. Click here.

Partnership Working

The Woodberry Down regeneration is being delivered in partnership with Hackney Council, Berkeley Homes and Notting Hill Genesis Housing Association, working with Woodberry Down Community Organisation (WDCO) and Manor House Development Trust (MHDT).

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